Significance of Logo

The Logo of SCOTLE is a fusion of tradition and modernity. The hexagon which is the core of the logo depicts perfection in talent and balance between all fields of educations.

The colour blue signifies the calming and soothing vibe of the school and its staff. It gives a royal touch to the school with a mustard golden yellow addition to the logo and a different edge to it.

Torch symbolises the day of hope and light among the students of SCOTLE.

The Book with Infinity Sign of knowledge which the school aims to import in their students.

3rd icon accounts to the all round focus on academics as well as equally on extra curricular activities with a spark of talent.

The Curve Lines / Waves represent the nature of flow on the organisation and system. Never ending efforts and attempts in each member associated with the school.

“It is always about ‘how’ and ‘why’ at SCOTLE Here, we nurture our student’s ability to think, discover and create.”