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Trained Teachers

  • Theoretical, Technical and Practical Knowledge.
  • Expertise in innovative amalgamation of different methodologies.
  • Skilled in student-oriented approach.

Balanced Curriculum

  • Researched curriculum to develop life skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • Exploring and fostering the talent.
  • Structured sports.

Supportive Infrastructure

  • Classroom design  : Naturalness (light, air, quality),      Individualization (flexibility of the learning space).
  • Constructive methods to ensure each child’s safety and hygiene.
  • Our own Buses : Vehicle tracking system,                  Female Janitor with cell phone in each bus enroute.

Our Collaborations

  • Science Olympiad Foundation
  • STEM
  • Unified Council
  • Sports Skill Development Program

Our Vision

The vision of SCOTLE is focused on a modern educational approach that naturally leads to critical thinking skills, an inclusive perspective, and a respect for core ethical values in our students to help them achieve personal success and contribute towards the global community as effective future leaders.

Our Mission

At SCOTLE HIGH SCHOOL, we adopt a talent- centric personalized approach. We acknowledge that every child is skillful; that all children already have what it takes to be successful in life. All they need is a nurturing, interactive and inspiring environment. Therefore, in addition to the core curriculum, our trained educators focus at our student's unique qualities that can be further developed and can lead to exceptional results and outstanding performance.


Here is the website, we hope it gives you a better idea of our school. SCOTLE HIGH SCHOOL is a place for growth and learning, both for students as well as academicians. At SCOTLE, every team member works with utmost enthusiasm and passion towards building the aura that brings out the best in every child. We intend to make SCOTLE, the best school in Jaipur and eventually India. Please find time to visit the school premises to feel the difference yourself. We trust you will find it happy, lively and optimum for your child’s development.


21st Century Skills

SCOTLE believes in imbibing skills that enable our students to succeed in a world that is constantly changing and developing. Our skill development program focuses on 4 Cs, which shape our core teaching pedagogy- in classroom as well as playground. The 4Cs-
• Communication
• Collaboration
• Critical Thinking
• Creativity


CBSE in IB way

At SCOTLE the medium of education is CBSE however the teaching approach is more research oriented. CBSE provides with the contents of a subject whereas IB way focuses on grasping the concepts in more practical and enquiry-based way.


Students Oriented Learning

“ Think, Discover and Create “ Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity and innovation in both face to face and virtual environment.
Methods include- active learning, cooperative learning, inductive teaching and learning, enquiry based learning, case based learning and discovery based learning.


Technology enabled Classrooms

At SCOTLE, students experience virtual field trips, robotics, artificial intelligence, live videos and student blogs. We aim at keeping our students at par with rapid advancements in today’s world by giving them global exposure through technology. Today’s technology enables students to learn at their own pace, develops cognitive abilities, creativity and problem solving skills.


Leading a Happy Life

“ We learn best when we are happy “ Happiness is not a quick fix but a deep contentment, so children are empowered with tools to manage their own feelings, they will be then more caring, principled, reflective, resilient and ultimately successful. We aspire to produce healthy intellectual students who grow up to be happy and productive students.


EYFS Appproch

EYFS, Early Years Foundation Stage inspired curriculum forms the core foundation of the teaching as well as learning methodology at SCOTLE. It is an integral part of our curriculum, which focuses on enhancing the creativity, intellect and curiosity in a child through playful and engaging activities. The growth and development of each child is assessed on the following criteria:
• PSED – Personal, Social, Emotional Development
• CL – Communication and Language
• Physical Development
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding The World
• Expressive Arts And Design

Happiness is deriving joy from the little things in life

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